Saturday, 14 July 2007

New screen - Acer AL2216W

I am building a new computer next month, and I just received the screen that will join my Acer AL1916W on my desk: an Acer AL2216W. I ordered it online on a site called The price is very good, 7990 NT$, corresponding to 177€, for a 22 inches, that's pretty sweet !!!

The screen looks great and the image quality is simply very good! The colour, contrast and luminosity are all perfect for my use, mostly internet development and web design. Here is the configuration of the config I am building:
  • Intel Q6600
  • Zalman CNPS9700 LED
  • (Zalman ZM-CS1 clip support to keep the cray cool on the motherboard)
  • 2 x G.SKILL 2GB(1GB*2) DDR2 1066HK (4 Gb in total)
  • Sparkle 8800GTX
  • 2 x Seagate 250GB 3.5 SATAII 16Mb (Raid 1)
  • Panasonic SW-9588 SuperMuti DVD - SATA
  • Logitech MX3200 Laser
  • XClio GREATPOWER X14S4P4 650W
  • Lian Li PC-B20B
I will post some pictures to show you !


Greg Huet said...

I will also review the final selection of components and take lots of pictures during the assembly process !!!

Jimmy said...

tiens tu as le même écran que moi !
chez moi c'est il est en dual-screen avec un portable Asus M6 15.4" (bientot remplacé par un MacBook)