Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I live in Nankan, Taoyuan

I live in the subub of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, in a small city named Nankan, in the district of Taoyuan. Nankan is mainly an industrial area next to the international airport (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, previously known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport). Nankan is a peaceful area, close enough from the city of Taoyuan (20min in bus) and Taipei (40min by bus).

This area has many night markets, where you will found all kind of products, but it is mainly famous for its food. Indeed, people will tell you that the best and the most traditional food is only available from the night markets. At first, as a European, knowing the European standard of the restauration industry, I couldn't think I would ever be able to eat any of the food. But then, with the time, I learn how to choose the right place: Always go where there is a lot of people, it means that the food is fresh and renewed all the time !!!

I tried a lot of dishes in the night market of Taipei (the biggest in Taiwan), and the food is simply amazing! I recommend all visitors to try at least once, but remember, avoid raw fish from the markets as they might now be fresh enough for your stomach.

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