Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter at Fulong

For Easter, My lovely wife invited me to visit the most populate summer destination of the north of Taiwan, a place called Fulong. On Sunday morning, we took a bus to Taipei, and then a train from Taipei Main Station to Fulong. We were lucky, we had a fast train which brought us there in less than one hour (it costs NT$132/person).

First, Fulong is apparently extremely famous for its Bien Dan, our Chinese lunch box, which consists of some rice, a piece of meat (usually marinated chicken ou pork), some Chinese veggies or pickles. The best thing about these Bien Dan is that they costs only $NT50, or 1€ !!!

We went straight to the beach and walked in the sand with the ocean as our background music. The weather was already, partly clouded, but with some moment of very strong sun, and a nice strong wind, perfect for windsurfers and sailors.

Something absolutely incredible: We found tens of blowing fishes day of the beach. We don't know why they were all there... very strange, probably due to the strong wind...

After this lovely promenade, we decided to get our room in the official hotel located just beside the beach. The room was GREAT ! The bathroom was amazing ! The bathtub was huge, we manage to have 2 bathes in our one night stay :)

We rested a bit and went for another promenade next to the beach, and went for dinner. The food was 100% Chinese dishes, it was very nice, even if the quantity was really light. The most surprising was that no rice or tea was served ! This is the first time in more than 2 years in Taiwan that we experienced that. It was an incident between a client and a member of the staff which brought down the atmosphere already not that enchanting... No the best dinner...

The second day, we went for another promenade still around the beach, and managed to visit the old town, the port and the temple. I visited many temples, they all have their characteristics, but Fulong's Temple is simply the most beautiful temple I have ever visited, and I will recommend people to go and check it out !

Then, we went back to Taipei with a semi fast train, it took us 1h30 to arrive at Taipei Main Station.

It was a great place to rest and relax. The sea view was great! The walks really help to release the stress and to get reunited with the nature. The air of the ocean was also helping to get revitalised. It was a great trip !

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