Sunday, 29 July 2007

PS3: The Darkness - Review

I've spent all day downloading the new demos from the Playstation Network. First, I'm going to speak about The Darkness. The demo weights a little bit more than 1400Mb, so be patient... it took me about 5h to download it.

I was very existed to test this game, I read many reviews on the web and I though it was a new orignal FPS with an interesting concept. Well, to start, the graphics are not that smooth, I feel that the programers behind this game are not trying too hard especially when you know what the PS3 got to offer.

The all ambiance of the game is creepy, but creepy a way that it makes you feel uneasy. The controls are average, and I find the movement very slow, like it takes for ever for the hero to move in every levels. The targetting system is simply poor. A couple of red dots show you where you gonna shoot. Nothing fancy, just poor.

The sound and the music are much better than the rest of the game! I really enjoy the heavy metal tracks and the all sound engineering involved in this demo.

To conclude, I am very sad to say that this game is simply not for me, and not for many people who enjoy real experience FPS, like Resistance Fall of Men, Call of Duty 3 and Fear.

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