Sunday, 15 July 2007

New mouse and keyboard

Today I went to one of my favorite geek place in Taiwan: Nova. Nova, is the best place to get all kind of computer components, from super high tech to super weird. I usually go there to compare the price of products I want to buy.

Also, I need a new keyboard for the computer I will build shortly. I fully trust Logitech for the high quality of their products (even if the MX mouse was a real disaster!), so I choose the combo keyboard / mouse MX3200. The keyboard is very quiet and super comfortable! It offers a lot of interesting shortcuts such as media player shotcuts, Skype, calculator, Outlook, etc. The mouse is almost the same as my MX620 without the chat and email button.
The price is very interesting, in America, this set costs $100. Online, in Taiwan, it cost $3600NT, so about 100$. In Nova, it costed me $2650NT, so about $75! A real bargain!

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