Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Asus EEE - Change the font & size of GTK applications

If you have installed application like Skype, VLC or Filezilla on your EEE, you must have noticed that the size of the font was pretty big, and not very suitable for the screen of the EEE. Also, this is a little tutorial to explain how to change this:

1. Open a terminal window

2. Type this command to open the GTK preferences file and create one if you don't already have one:

kwrite /home/user/.gtkrc-2.0

3. Paste these lines in the kwrite window:
gtk-icon-sizes = "gtk-menu=8,8:
gtk-toolbar-style = GTK_TOOLBAR_ICONS
gtk-font-name = "DejaVu Sans 8"

4. Save and close. Start an application like Skype, and voila !

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