Sunday, 19 August 2007

Assembling my new rig

Installation of the Zalman 9700 NT on a Gigabyte P35-DQ6

This blog will summarise the assembling of my new PC. First, I had to work on installing the Zalman 9700 NT on the Gigabyte P35-DQ6 motherboard, keeping the Crazy Cool installed (back plate situated behind the CPU). To do so, I used a different braket, the Zalman ZM-CS1 clip support. Check the pictures for the installation:

Time to install the video card: The Sparkle Calibre P880+ OC / 8800 GTX

This card really catched my attention because it looks great because of it's unique Perlier cooler, it's overclocked and it was supposed to run cooler than traditional 8800 GTX. Well, do not believe what is written on the sticker ! This card is very loud and running at 70 degres idle ! So what was the point to spend an extra 90€ on this card ? None !!! Therefore, I am not keeping it, I am returning it and will purchase the Leadtek Winfast 8800 GTX instead. Here for the picture of the final layout (before getting the new 8800 GTX):


Michael said...

Hi Greg,
I have a GA-X38-DQ6 with a Zalman 9700NT. The motherboard is essentially the same as yours, with the same problem. I was wondering though, what's the difference between the stand you suggested to use, and the one they supply with the packaging? I do want to keep the Crazy Cool backplate, but want to install the fan as well. I've read that you can just use longer screws?

Biscum said...

Hello Greg

I further optimized your solution for the CNPS9700 on a P35 Dq6

I added:

Around the coller outside i put an steel wire. One side connected to a heatpipe at the socket and the other side to the grid of the power supply. Between this connection I put a smallspring which I balanced in such a fashon that the resulting force of the cooler is now 0. I have made some pictures of this but I cannot attach them to this blog. If you want them PLS e-mail me