Saturday, 10 May 2008

Afternoon in Jinguashu

On the 9th of May 2008, we went to visit the lovely village of Jinguashi, located in the north of Taiwan, close to the city of Keelung. We left our place in Nankan, and took a bus to Taipei, where we went to Taipei Main Station to get a train to the closest station (sorry I can't remember the name). There, we jumped in a bus which went on top of the hills to our destination.

The village of Jinguashu used to be the home of Japanese mine worker during the Japanese ruling of Taiwan. The miners where extracting mainly gold. There are some beautiful architectural prints of the the Japanese time in this place, particularly the 4 joined house which are the only original Japanese wooden houses left in the world (the one from Japan were destroyed during fires and earthquakes).

The visit of the museums are interesting, but the best thing to do is to walk to the Gold Temple, above the village, to see the remains of a Japanese Temple. The stairs to go there are well maintained, but the heat and the high level of humidity make this 550m walk a very "entertaining" walk. The view from this temple is simply breath taking!

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